Storage Unit Size Guide: A Brief Overview

Our storage facilities offers a variety of storage types in a number of different sizes.  Use the following information as a rough estimation of exactly how much can fit in each unit:

  • 5' x 5' Unit (25 sq. ft.): Roughly the size of a home closet.  Ideal for storing extra items such as boxes, twin-size mattresses, books, records/files, and other small miscellaneous items. $35.00 per Month
  • 10' x 5' Unit (50 sq. ft.): Identical to a 5x10 unit just with a wider door and shallower storage-depth.  Tends to make accessing your items slightly easier than a 5x10. $45.00 per Month
  • 10x10 Unit (100 sq. ft.): Ideal for storing the contents of a 2 bedroom space.  Perfect for holding an entertainment center, king-size mattresses, larger appliances, dining room, furniture, and other various items you'd find in a 2 bedroom space. $55.00 per Month
  • 10' x 15' Unit (150 sq. ft.): Perfect for holding the contents of a 3 bedroom space.  Great for storing large screen TVs, bikes and other sporting equipment, large furniture, full dining room set, or even music equipment like a C-3 piano, drum set, or all the equipment needed for a several-month long tour. $65.00 per Month
  • 10' x 20' Unit (200 sq. ft.): Now we're getting to sizes ideal for cars, boats, and other vehicles.  A 10x20 unit is ideal for a small car with some extra room to spare or a 3 to 4 bedroom set. Fill remaining space with sports equipment, small furniture set, boxes, or other small to medium personal items. $75.00 per Month 
  • 10' x 25' Unit (250 sq. ft.): Great for storing a small boat with trailer with some room to spare.  Fill the rest of your space with a couch, small chairs, small bedroom furniture set, and other miscellaneous items. $85.00 per Month
  • 10' x 30' Unit (300 sq. ft.): A 10x30 unit is great for storing a large vehicle, small boat, and other large items with room to spare. It also has a door on each end to access your stored belongings. Moving across country?  This size unit is ideal for storing the contents of a large home while you settle in. $105.00 per Month